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Tiny Tots parents, please note that this class is broken into half-hour sections, of which, each child should only take part in one. Approximately half the class will take the class at 5:30 and the other half will take the class at 6:00. If we have more children during one half of the hour we may ask for volunteers to switch.

Nunziato Field
Foss Park
Powderhouse Park


Notes on classes:
  • Baton Twirling Intermediate - Unlike most intermediate classes, Baton Twirling Intermediate is available to a wider range of prior experience. Students with any of the following skills may join the class: Baton Twirling, Poi, or Juggling.
  • Stilting Beginner - Students are not required to come to all three classes though they are welcomed at each time the class is held. Students should be accompanied by an able-bodied adult who can support them for the first few classes, if possible. We often have additional spotters available but cannot guarantee one for each student. Clothing: stilters should we sneakers or other shoes with hard bottom and relatively flat top (not crocks) and pants or long leggings.
  • Stilting Intermediate - Pre-requisite: Student must be able to do a basic forward kick with each leg and be able to hop on one foot.
  • Stilting Advanced - Pre-requisite: see Intermediate PLUS stilter must be able to perform a side kick, back side kick, and spin 180 degrees on one foot.
  • Stilters not ready for Intermediate - Stilters who took beginner previously and have not reached the skill level required for intermediate may stilt during the beginner class period and are allowed to perform with the beginner class. If they are ready for Intermediate before the second week, they will be allowed into the Intermediate class.
  • Tiny Tots Trio - This is a half-hour class, please select your prefered time period or indicate that you have no preference (we will try to balance out the two sections as best we can)
  • The Yo-Yo class may not end up performing this skill in the main performances. The determination will be made late in the season.